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Why SPM?

SPM Consulting will not only provide solution implementation services, but also business and framework advisory. The company will indulge in extensive research for the project it is working on. The end result being a more proficient business solution and automating the existing processes, leading to superior decision making by providing a better insight to data
The company will ensure an end-to-end comprehensive implementation of SAS Solutions. SPM Consulting's added advantage of providing business consultancy will ensure perfect synchronization of the business framework with the SAS solutions.
Finance Industry Background: The financial services industry, which is highly unpredictable, sets the very foundation for an economy to operate on. It is impulsive and volatile. Given these characteristics of the financial sector, banks and other financial institutions have to structure themselves in a way that they not only survive, but more importantly thrive in the ever changing and highly competitive financial environment. Just when everyone felt that banks had it all covered, the 2008 financial crisis struck the financial world. The crisis exposed the weak structure of these “too big to fail” financial institutions. It was realized that without dedicated efforts to improve the functionality and framework, the future of these financial institutions would be bleak. That’s when the importance of comprehensive business regulations such as the Basel II Accord came into the spotlight. The importance of managing and curtailing not just credit and market risk, but also operational risk, was globally understood. Banks realized that they cannot take the liberty to overlook the importance of financial management, and have to be conspicuously meticulous about it.
All these drastic developments have opened new doors to ardent research and development towards a more secure and sound financial system. That’s exactly what we do, here at SPM Consulting. With the advent of risk management solutions, such as those offered by SAS Institute; the importance of business consultancy has grown substantially. SPM Consulting has developed a fine-tuned and successful synergy between innovative business strategies and enterprise solutions. Hence, we provide consulting services not just at the technical level, but more importantly at the organizational and strategic level ensuring continuity, integrity, transparency and consistency in all the business processes.
SPM Consulting offers an array of solutions – ranging from Governance Risk Compliance Solutions to Data Mining, Asset-Liability Management and Fraud Management. The company believes in understanding the customer’s needs and delivering value by following the best ethical practices. Our team has pioneered in helping our clients combat increased vulnerability to risks and the acute shortage of highly skilled personnel. Our team will work closely with the clients to identify their requirements and provide meaningful solutions. The SPM Consulting team has a skill set, which is diverse, yet exhaustive, in the field of risk management and business solution.