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Asset Liability Management

Asset Liability Management (ALM) refers to the practice of managing risksfrom assets and liabilities mismatches. Asset Liability Management (ALM) is a strategic management tool to manage interest rate risk and liquidity risk faced by banks and other financial services. There are various techniques for mitigating this risk such as gap analysis and duration analysis. At the more advanced level, hedging and securitization can be implemented in accordance with the maturity pattern or duration matching.
At SPM we have a qualified team of professionals, expert in managing interest rate and liquidity risk which is an integral part of the overall ALM framework. We have expertise, particularly with reference to liquidity risk, in implementing different strategies, including Static Funding Gap, Dynamic Cash flow Gap, Liquidity Assets Ratios, Concentration Ratios and Liquidity Stress Management in accordance with Basel II & III requirements. Our team of experts is capable enough of ensuring that our clients, i.e. banks and financial institutions, meet their regulatory compliance and achieve internal risk management.
The below highlights some of the key management consulting services offered with regard to ALM: